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The EDX 2 is designed as a compact, user-friendly, home-use shock wave therapy solution for erectile dysfunction. The device induces capillary regeneration and blood flow in the treated area through a special wave focusing technique producing low-intensity shockwaves that helps restore your vitality.

  • Energy: 10 – 150mJ
  • Frequency: 1 – 14Hz
  • Pulse Mode: Continuous
  • Output Channel: Dual-channel output, maximum 2 applicators connected
  • Applicator Lifespan: 2 million pulses or more
  • Transmitter/Therapy Head Lifespan: 300K shots of more
  • Power: Max 250W, AC110V – 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Fuse: F5 AC250V, 3A

System Features & Benefits:

  • Short, painless treatment
  • Drug-free treatment
  • Lasting results

How It Works:

  1. Set the device for the treatment
  2. Apply the gel
  3. Start therapy