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Do you feel anxious and confused about your relationship because of erectile dysfunction? Well, don’t panic because you’re not alone. There are about 30 million men in the US with erectile dysfunction and most of them see it as a normal aging process.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, happens when you can’t achieve a full erection to enjoy sexual intercourse. Sometimes, the erection fails at all.

ED can be temporary or permanent. Either way, it can be really stressful and embarrassing to talk about.

Fortunately, patients with ED have a myriad of treatment options, including erectile dysfunction pills and shockwave therapy. Oral medications for ED are a go-to option for many people because they work almost instantly. Moreover, they can also treat high blood pressure.

So, what are the prevalent erectile dysfunction pills in the market? Are they safe? How long do they take to work? Find out more on this article.

1. Viagra

Viagra contains an active ingredient known as Sildenafil, which is very popular in oral medications for ED. Sildenafil got approved as a remedy for erectile dysfunction in the 1990s. Originally, pharmaceuticals intended to use it for treating heart health complications.

Sildenafil is more effective if taken an hour prior to sex. Doctors also recommend taking these erectile dysfunction pills on an empty stomach. It takes about 30 minutes to onset, and the effects can last up to five hours. However, it’s ideal for patients with mild to moderate ED.

2. Avanafil Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Avanafil is a second-generation ED drug for sexual stimulation with an active ingredient known as Stendra. This pill inhibits the PDE5 enzyme action to enhance blood circulation in the penis. It gained the FDA’s approval in April 2012, nearly a decade after its development.

However, Avanafil is a fast PDE5 enzyme inhibitor than other oral medications in its class. It takes 15 minutes to onset and lasts longer than Sildenafil. For these reasons, some patients find it more convenient than Viagra.

If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction due to penile tissue damages, you should consider EDX—pulsed ultrasound shockwave therapy for ED. This treatment repairs damaged tissues and strengthens the penile blood vessels to enhance circulation.

3. Vardenafil

Vardenafil is an excellent alternative to Sildenafil. It offers a much long-term ED treatment by inhibiting the action of the PDE5 enzyme. This enzyme disrupts the cGMP enzyme, which is responsible for sexual stimulation during intercourse.

Vardenafil oral medications can last for up to seven hours but remains active in the body after this duration. They are readily available in pharmaceutic outlets as prescription medication. Thus, you’ll need to talk to your physician before using it.

4. Tadalafil

Pharmaceuticals discovered Tadalafil in the 1990s but got the FDA’s approval in 2003. This drug contains an active ingredient called Cialis, with similar sexual stimulation effects as Sildenafil. Tadalafil is one of the longest-serving ED oral medications and lasts for up to 36 hours.

Like other ED pills, you should take Tadalafil one hour before sex. It works best when ingested on an empty stomach. Patients can also take small daily doses or, as recommended by the physician to improve their overall sexual health.

Tadalafil stimulates the brain’s neurotransmitters to release nitric oxide. This chemical is a muscle relaxer for improving blood circulation in the penile organ.

Erectile Dysfunction Is Treatable

Don’t fret or get stressed when you can’t rise to the occasion. These erectile dysfunction pills can help you achieve a full erection for maximum sexual stimulation. Most of them are prescription drugs—talk to your physician before taking them.Start medication today and improve your sex life. Contact us today if you have any questions about the potential side effects of oral medications for sexual health.