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Looking for a way for you and your partner to overcome sexual frustration?

Couples often have sex more than once a week, averaging around 80 times per year. It’s always quite the experience to sleep with your spouse, but there are a lot of things that can hamper the experience. Erectile dysfunction stands as one of the biggest hurdles for couples when it comes to sex.

Up to 76.5% of men have trouble with erectile dysfunction. What’s worse is that there are a lot of factors that can contribute to it happening. While treating it is possible, it may take a while depending on how severe the case is.

This can lead to the manifestation of sexual frustrations between you and your partner. It need not be the case, though. Read on to learn what you can do to build intimacy while you’re treating your erectile dysfunction.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

The cause of erectile dysfunction varies for each individual. Causes can stem from the body or from the mind. This makes it hard to determine what the possible cause is for your case. 

However, throughout the years, medical professionals have made a comprehensive list of the common causes of erectile dysfunction. Here are a few of the ones that may likely be affecting you. 

Physical Factors

There are a lot of physical factors that cause ED. Most of these have to do with your health. As you may know, there needs to be efficient blood flow to your penis for you to maintain an erection.

Health conditions that affect your blood circulation may contribute to erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure is often the most probable cause for most men.

Heart disease is also a consideration. This is especially common for older couples who are having problems with their sex life. Having trouble maintaining an erection can be a warning sign of pending cardiovascular problems. 

Nerve damage can also be a factor for erectile dysfunction. Pleasure plays a big role in maintaining an erection. If your nerves get damaged, it may mean that you won’t feel any pleasure during intercourse.

Medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease are often common causes of ED. Diabetes can also damage your nerves. Poor blood-sugar management that’s linked to diabetes also hinders blood flow, which contributes to a failed erection. 

Injuries to the muscles can also prevent you from getting an erection altogether. Scarred muscle tissues and surgeries around the pelvic area can cause you to have ED. It will take a while before these injuries heal, which is often the main reason for many sexually frustrated couples to have bedroom troubles.

Psychological Factors

Your mental state can also impact how well you can maintain your erection. For the most part, stress is the number one cause of ED in some males. It’s a major health problem in the country, and the lockdown from the pandemic only made it worse

Stress may also amplify the effects of the other psychological factors that cause ED. This is why getting a handle on your stress is important for your health and sex life. 

Anxiety can also cause you to have a hard time getting an erection. Having something else in your mind distracts you from the moment. It’s common enough to be the cause of many relationship problems.

Often, your partner will think that it’s the lack of sexual intimacy that’s causing the problem in this case. Fights often ensue, leading to more problems in the relationship. 

Depression is another factor of ED. This causes a failure for your brain to give you an injection of serotonin, which is important for feeling pleasure during intercourse. As mentioned above, pleasure is important to maintaining an erection, and depression can be a hurdle in this case.

This is also a slippery slope for you. Failing to feel joy and pleasure from intercourse may become an associative factor in ED. It can make you feel as if sex isn’t something worth doing, causing your libido to drop.

Performance anxiety and low self-esteem are also big factors. However, it’s mostly only a problem for new couples. Time together with your partner and understanding the situation is sure to overcome these factors.

Lifestyle Factors

How you live your life also impacts your chances of developing erectile dysfunction. The use of certain substances can cause your body to fail in maintaining or giving you an erection. For example, smoking tobacco products can interfere with your blood flow.

The chemicals that tobacco releases when smoked can cause the lining of your blood vessels to harden. This can lead to atherosclerosis. This causes blood vessels to have a hard time relaxing when pumping blood.

Alcohol also prevents you from getting erections. Alcohol is a depressant. This means that it causes certain bodily functions from proceeding as normal.

Even when presented with simulating elements, too much alcohol can cause you to fail to get aroused. It’s the same with muscle relaxants that you may be taking.

Certain drugs can also be the culprit. Diuretics are essential for people who aim to prevent the development of kidney stones. They decrease the blood flow going to the penis to keep it flaccid for urination.

Obesity is another factor that can be a result of your lifestyle. More weight may restrict blood flow throughout your body. While you can achieve an erection, it may not be as hard or may not last as long as you want.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction as a Couple

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t mean that you and your partner will never consummate your love ever again. There are great ways for you and your partner to treat the problem.

One way to do so is by building a supportive relationship. An understanding relationship is the simplest way to overcome the psychological factors of erectile dysfunction. You relieve stress by talking about it, and clear communication also helps cultivate a healthy sex life.

This is important because of the guilt felt by a man in failing to satisfy their partner. They’ll feel a lot of pressure, which can further increase the effects of ED. Doing so also improves their self-esteem.

There are also tons of treatment options available for couples to explore. For one, injection therapy is a popular one amongst men. Here, users inject some medicine onto the side of the penis to get an erection.

It’s popular due to how fast it takes effect. It’s useful when you feel the heat of the moment with your partner. You can also consider getting penile implants.

This option boasts a high satisfaction rate for both the use and their partner. They last around 12-15 years, so you may need to follow up on them if you’re looking to keep using this option.

If you’re looking for non-invasive options that won’t have medical side effects, you can opt for shockwave therapy. It’s a safer option that doesn’t involve anything getting into your body. It’s useful in healing physical damages done on your penis.

How to Build Sexual Intimacy While Living With Erectile Dysfunction

While treating your ED, there are still ways for you to build sexual intimacy between you and your partner. One way is by talking about fantasies with your partners.

Libido dropping is a factor of ED, as mentioned above. Often, this is because you may feel that sex is becoming routine in your relationship. Talking about what both parties are may want to explore can spice up the night and bring something new to your routine.

Once you talk about it, take action immediately. Waiting too long will only increase the risk of ED hampering the occasion. Doing things in the heat of the moment can also bring some excitement for you and your partner.

Another way to build sexual intimacy is by having a conversation with your partner. Of course, this needs to be something that should excite you both. Talk about what you’ll be wearing later, and what you plan on doing to them.

Doing this is an exercise of creativity and builds anticipation for later. It’ll also be great if you can use toys in bed with your partner.

The use of toys takes a lot of pressure for you in case you won’t be able to maintain an erection later on. This way, you can please and help your partner reach climax no matter what. You can also teach your partner how to pleasure you even if you don’t have an erection.

Most people don’t know that men can achieve orgasms without an erection. Oral stimulation is the key to doing this. All you need to do is communicate what feels good for you to your partner.

Overcome Sexual Frustration With Your Partner Today!

Sexual frustration need not be an issue with your partner just because you’re suffering from ED. Use this guide to know what you can do to build intimacy while going through treatment today! Looking for viable and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction? Check out the EDX and consider shockwave therapy today! It’s a safe, drug-free alternative that’s guaranteed to help you with your sexual frustrations soon enough!