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Future advances in personalized novel health technologies have the potential not only to facilitate the role of personalized care within the overall health care system but also to help foster community-based independence for individuals who desire to keep their personal affairs private.  Persistent and recurrent issues with sexual wellness, including sexual response, desire, orgasm, or pain can be devastating for men and women alike.  A recent publication in The Journal of the American Medical Association states,

 Sexual dysfunction is more prevalent for women (43%) than men (31%) and is associated with various demographic characteristics, including age and educational attainment.[1]

pie chart displaying the percentage of men and women affected by sexual dysfunction

Instead of wasting any more time investigating the epidemiology of sexual dysfunction, we wish to focus directly on what matters to you: Can Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or female sexual dysfunction (FSD) be treated safely without pills, pumps, or injections?

The answer is YES.  But with so many alternatives coming to the market, how can you avoid taking a risk on devices or technique that are ineffective or time-intensive?

At the core of what makes available sexual dysfunction treatments great is their marketability to describe big dreams and cast a vision of what could be achieved if you ‘BUY NOW’. But when they aren’t able to promptly deliver on those grandiose claims and promises, their reputation suffers, which is bad for consumers and businesses. Many of these businesses continue to do business for decades by rebranding with different company names again and again: A trick which was adopted from the vitamins & supplements industry.

Today, it is my pleasure to present you with the EDX; a pulsed Ultrasonic Wave device which uses the body’s intrinsic repair mechanisms for men and woman to achieve Steve Winwood’s 1986 hit Higher Love.  Every 15-minute application of EDX results in transient cellular membrane permeability- accelerating cellular healing. The EDX also increases tissue perfusion through vasodilation leading to neovascularization- new blood vesicle growth.  For a personal, discrete, at-home option for ED and FSD, EDX is the 2020 top-pick to unlock your full potential and unlimited pleasure without breaking the bank.

The Evidence Base for Sexual Wellness Technologies

Although both the amount and kind of evidence on emerging Sexual Wellness technologies are increasing—from evidence from pilot studies to evidence from some longitudinal research and randomized controlled trials- it is still not really clear what seems to work and what doesn’t work: Especially because the findings are sometimes contradictory. The pace of technological advance is faster than traditional research grant cycles, so that by the time a study has been planned and funding has been acquired, the technology to be studied may be outdated. Furthermore, research projects rarely enable the tailoring of technologies on the basis of the situation in the home or the needs of the individual patient, because everyone in the study needs to receive the same intervention.

Technology interventions like the EDX do not need to be complex and expensive, Simple tools can sometimes be effective. For example, when a user is brave enough to post a vague product review for us, the social proof profoundly impacts credibility.  But the online review playing field is not a fare or comprehensive testament to the validity of results for two reasons.  First, many competitors will solicit paid reviews. Second, results may vary due to each individual’s unique health and goals.  That is why I caution everyone to look beyond the claims on every product and review two key factors:

  1.  the scientific evidence behind the technology or approach
  2. the availability of expert end-user guidance

For Health Care Providers

No more pills, pumps, or injections.  Modern practices are quickly adopting this newer alternative for accelerating their patients’ results and for sustaining the results achieved through their practices by extending the use of EDX to their patients through a retail health model.  Need help setting up a retail health program for your practice? The Shock Wave Society of North America is available to help.  Contact your Fluent EDX provider to learn more.

The Bottom Line of Sexual Wellness Technologies

Usability and interface design are important wins with EDX, especially for older adults.  For example, a stage one trial with a discontinued EDX model used by men who were afflicted by ED found that an LCD display and intuitive button control design would be helpful.  These are now features of the new EDX personal Pulsed Ultrasonic Therapy devices.

Adjusting the quality of life impact, the EDX technology hugely reduces the number of face-to-face visits when combined with clinic-based management of sexual dysfunction when paired with clinical-grade technologies such as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT).

The technology’s effects on the client’s self-concept and the potential stigma of having it in the home creates a high trend brand affinity for clinicians. Affordability of EDX as compared to a full course of in-office treatments saves patients thousands of dollars and provides a safe, viable option for long term use from the privacy of their own homes.

By: Ryan Hansmeyer, MedIcal Technologist and Sexual Medicine Specialist

[1] JAMA. 1999;281(6):537-544. doi:10.1001/jama.281.6.537