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There are many causes of erectile dysfunction. From stress to sleep disorders, ED is more common than you may think.

Creating a treatment plan can be a great way to manage erectile dysfunction. Many people have turned to use ED shockwave therapy to help treat it.

Though it’s a wonderful treatment, it’s not for everyone.

Are you wondering if you’re a good candidate for shockwave therapy? If so, keep reading and we’ll tell you.

What Does Shockwave Erectile Dysfunction Therapy Do?

Using ultrasound energy, shockwave therapy treats ED by increasing blood flow.

When using it to treat vasculogenic ED, it can help you have better function. It’s common to use alone or with other treatments such as medicine for erectile dysfunction.

It’s popular as it’s non-invasive and for the most part, completely painless.

The EDX is our answer to ED shockwave therapy. It helps stimulate blood flow in the penis which in turn can help you treat erectile dysfunction.

This type of treatment has also been proven to work in those who have diabetes.

Who Can Benefit from ED Shockwave Therapy?

There are many candidates that can benefit from shockwave therapy for ED.

There are a few different types of ED, including psychogenic. To be treated with shockwave therapy, one of the most common types of ED is vasculogenic.

This type involves your blood vessels and muscles, which the shockwaves target.

A good candidate can also be someone who has tried drugs for ED with no improvements. They may want to discontinue their use or use shockwave therapy to help with their effects.

Someone who wants to avoid other forms of therapy like injections is also a good fit for this treatment.

Who Should Not Use Shockwave Therapy?

While there are many great candidates for shockwave therapy for ED, there are a few that should not use it. It’s important to be aware of both cases, but if you’re truly unsure, always consult your doctor.

Before using shockwave therapy for ED, visit your doctor for a diagnosis. ED is commonly diagnosed through a physical exam and by conducting a urine test.

Sometimes, injections and shockwave therapy don’t mix. It’s important to be safe while using it. You should avoid using it after having an injection.

If you’re on any medication such as blood thinners, do not use this treatment. If you’re unsure about which medications may affect it, be sure to speak with your doctor.

Always consult your doctor if you’re unsure about whether ED shockwave therapy is right for you.

Treat Erectile Dysfunction At Home

Erectile dysfunction can be frustrating to deal with. Fortunately, shockwave therapy is a great way to manage it.

ED shockwave therapy has become a great way for those suffering from ED to treat themselves. By using the EDX for a few minutes each day, you can see improved performance.

Those who fit in as great candidates for shockwave therapy use the device daily to improve function in their penis.

Are you considering shockwave therapy for treating ED in yourself or your partner? Check out the EDX device used for treating ED at home!