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Shockwave therapy for ED is a non-surgical treatment that provides men with an alternative to surgery.

Physicians use the practice to treat many conditions. Here, however, will primarily discuss how you can use it to treat one condition—erectile dysfunction.

This treatment has been around for some time. Often, it’s a viable option for those seeking an alternative to prescription medications.

Shockwave treatment sends mild sound waves through the skin. In doing so, it stimulates the growth of new blood vessels. In turn, the process promotes healthy functioning.

To learn more about the shockwave therapy cost for ED and whether you can afford it, keep reading.

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

The male arousal process is complex. It involves your brain, hormones, emotions, muscles—and yes, your nerve cells.

You may also hear erectile dysfunction (ED) called impotence. However, it’s merely the inability to maintain an erection for copulation.

Everyone has problems in this area from time to time. However, an ongoing issue here can prove problematic.

For example, patients whom physicians have diagnosed with ED might experience stress. The condition can also affect your self-confidence. Even worse, it can cause relationship issues.

ED can also signal an underlying condition. For example, it can serve as a sign of a condition such as heart disease. With this in mind, it’s always important to consult with your physician if you believe that you have ED.

There are a few things that may indicate that you suffer from erectile dysfunction. For example, you may have problems keeping an erection.

You also may not have the ability to achieve an erection. You may even have reduced sexual desire.

If you’re having problems in these areas, a visit to your physician is a good place to start dealing with the issue.

Renewing Your Vitality with Shockwave Therapy

If you’re coping with ED, you may have heard of shockwave therapy. The technical term for the procedure is low-intensity shockwave therapy (LiSWT).

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive procedure. Practitioners have used the method in orthopedics for many years.

In this field, the treatment helps to heal broken bones. It may also help to heal injured ligaments and tendons.

Practitioners also use shockwave therapy to heal wounds. The targeted high-energy sound ways of the procedure can speed up cell growth and tissue repair.

With this in mind, healthy blood flow is required for an erection. Software therapy is a favorable way of strengthening blood vessels for this task.

During the procedure, a practitioner will use a wand-like device. They’ll place it near different areas of your penis. The practitioner will also move the device along parts of your penis.

Before beginning the therapy, the practitioner will apply a numbing gel. The entire procedure lasts about 15 to 20 minutes.

It works using gentle pulses. Moreover, it’s a pain-free procedure that does not require anesthesia.

The pulses trigger an improved flow of blood. They also remodel tissue. These benefits can help you to achieve erections that are suitable for intercourse.

Does Shockwave Therapy Work?

Over time, shockwave therapy has proven to provide benefits for men diagnosed with ED. The practice has proven effective for vasculogenic erectile dysfunction.

Most patients undergoing the procedure experienced improved erectile function. They typically realized results within six months of shockwave treatment. Over time, patients who’ve undergone the procedure have not experienced adverse effects.

This outcome is encouraging news.

For most men, the procedure is completely painless. Research has shown little to no side effects from undergoing the procedure.

It’s important to know when to seek treatment. Again, occasional episodes of erectile dysfunction are normal.

For example, you might have experienced extreme stress. Alternatively, you may have gone for long periods without sufficient sleep.

Even alcohol can contribute to ED. Likewise, temporary hormonal changes can contribute to this condition. In these cases, it can prove challenging to maintain an erection.

However, you may notice that your ED becomes persistent. For instance, it could start to affect intimacy with your partner. In that case, you want to schedule a visit to the doctor.

Again, ED can signify significant underlying health problems. These problems could include:

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Heart and blood vessel disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Type 2 diabetes


In some cases, you could have also received an injury from treatments for prostate cancer. These treatments include radiation therapy and prostate surgery. An injury to the penis, spinal cord, prostate, bladder, or pelvis can also lead to ED.

Will It Work for Me?

Nearly half of all men have problems with erectile dysfunction. Shockwave therapy can benefit a range of patients with symptoms that range from mild to severe.

Still, you might wonder if shockwave therapy is a good option for your symptoms. In many cases, the procedure is most likely viable for your needs.

For example, you may want a procedure to reverse the underlying causes of the condition. Conversely, you may need or want an alternative that will produce a better response compared to oral medications.

This treatment method might even prove ideal because you’d prefer a non-invasive method of treatment. Shockwave therapy can meet all these needs.

Usually, practitioners administer six shockwave therapy treatments for ED over a period of six weeks. Somewhere between 80% and 50% of patients report an improvement in their condition and as early as 30 days.

Still, your results may vary. Nevertheless, some patients have enjoyed a positive response to the treatment for as long as two years.

Shockwave Therapy Cost

If you’ve been considering this treatment, you most likely want to know about the shockwave therapy for ED price.

There are many options available for patients whom physicians have diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. However, the cost of shockwave therapy for ED is quite modest.

Moreover, some treatment methods only provide relief from the condition for a few hours. However, the results of shockwave therapy will last for years.

In a clinic, the cost of a shockwave therapy session might go for around $500 per session. Compared to other treatment alternatives, this price is a bargain.

You’ll most likely experience a reduction or complete elimination of ED symptoms after treatment. If so, you’ll no longer need to pay for oral medications. In turn, you’ll enjoy decreased overall medical expenses.

Erectile dysfunction is understandably an uncomfortable or embarrassing topic for many. However, the results of not dealing with the matter are far worse compared to temporary social discomfort. In some cases, ignoring the problem can even prove lethal.

Again, if you’re experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction, your symptoms can signify a much more serious condition. You’ll want to report your symptoms to your physician as soon as possible.

Most likely, your physician will run a battery of tests. They’ll ensure that you’re not facing a potentially life-threatening condition. This benefit alone is worth dealing with ED as soon as possible.

An Alternative to Clinical Treatment

Once you’ve visited with your physician, you may still feel reserved about receiving shockwave treatment for ED. Luckily, there’s an alternative to in-clinic treatment. Now, you can take advantage of shockwave therapy from the comfort of your home.

For about the cost of only four clinical sessions, you can invest in your own shockwave therapy machine.

The Fluent EDX shockwave therapy machine is compact and user-friendly. It’s an in-home solution for shockwave therapy to treat erectile dysfunction.

The machine emits low-intensity shock waves, exactly like those at a clinical facility. In turn, it induces capillary regeneration and blood flow. Moreover, it will allow you to restore your vitality in the privacy of your own home.

The EDX therapy machine features a durable, easy-to-use applicator system. What’s more, the device has a lifespan of more than 2 million pulses.

Our EDX unit is also flexible. It comes with six different therapy heads, allowing you to choose a comfortable coverage area.

Finally, it’s easy to operate. The applicator has a bright LED display that’s easy to read. In addition, you can operate the device using an optional foot pedal for even more control over your treatment.

High-Quality, Drug-Free Relief

Now you know about the shockwave therapy cost for ED and whether you can afford it. In fact, you’ve learned that Fluent’s EDX shockwave therapy machine is the most cost-effective option for ED treatment.

If you’ve been struggling with erectile dysfunction for a while, it’s time to take action. The Fluent EDX shockwave therapy machine is the best way to treat your condition without side effects or pain. What’s more, it’s the most effective treatment on the market today.

Don’t wait. Get back to living the life you deserve today. Order the latest Fluent EDX 2 shockwave therapy machine and get back on track fast.