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Erectile dysfunction is a frustrating health problem for men. 

Trouble or the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex affects thousands of men. ED can cause rifts in relationships, self-confidence, and an increased level of stress. 

There are dozens of treatment options in the medical field for erectile dysfunction. Each has positives and negatives when treating ED. So, where does acoustic wave therapy for ED fall into place? How effective is this process, and what exactly is acoustic wave therapy?

Let’s breakdown the effectiveness and results men experience after acoustic wave therapy. 

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Low energy acoustic wave therapy has shown improvement in response to oral medications for ED. 

The treatment is administered through high-frequency sound waves. These waves are applied to the patient’s penis to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels. It could also lead to a breakdown in plaque build up in those existing vessels. 

Because low blood flow is the determining factor behind ED, acoustic wave therapy has shown the ability to increase blood flow. 

But are the results guaranteed?

Understand the Results

Over the last six years, the results are promising. 

This process is still under FDA approval. However, scientists have encouraged the use of ultrasound treatment. There have been plenty of studies on the positive effects of this type of treatment, but unfortunately, most happen overseas. 

In those trials, 75 percent of men with mild ED have responded well to acoustic wave therapy (also known as shockwave therapy) after six months of treatment. The beneficial effect of these treatments will be preserved after two years.

The hope is that this type of treatment can provide consistent, long-term reversal of blood vessels. Acoustic wave therapy would be the only treatment of its kind. Taking a pill or an injection only shortly curbs the effects ED has on sexual interactions. 

Treatment Plan

If you choose acoustic wave therapy, your treatment plan will administer repeating therapy. 

The most common path is twice weekly for three weeks. This is followed by three weeks without treatments and another three weeks of treatments twice weekly.

This isn’t the only option. Companies are investing money to provide an at-home solution to the treatment process to avoid these office trips. 

If you choose acoustic wave therapy, some risks aren’t explained. Be aware this is the money going towards a process that the FDA hasn’t approved.

Does this mean medical professionals are guaranteeing acoustic wave therapy works or doesn’t? No.

Neither side of the story can be certain of what the results will be. The only thing they do know for sure is that this is yet another hopeful treatment for those individuals suffering from ED. 

Effective Treatment from Home

If you’re looking into the effectiveness of acoustic wave therapy for ED, you need a company you can trust. 

Considering the positives listed above, acoustic wave therapy could be one of the best ways to provide treatment for ED. Instead of going into the doctor’s office, trust Fluent. 

The company is the leading innovator in acoustic wave therapy products for ED. Their focus is on at-home use with the EDX 2 and EDX models, providing cost-effective yet quality products. 

Take control of your erectile dysfunction today. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about Fluent’s products.