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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is very common, not only in older men but also in some younger men. There are many physical and mental reasons that a man may experience ED, from heart disease to anxiety and stress.

What this can cause, though, is a woman who is blaming herself for not being able to turn her partner on.

Going to the doctor is something every man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction should do. Although it may be embarrassing, there may be an underlying health condition that is going undetected.

Before you let ED take a toll on your relationship and emotions, read below (with your partner) to learn more and what women should know about erectile dysfunction.

1. It’s Not Your Fault

This is the first thing you need to tell yourself when you have a partner with ED: it’s not your fault. A lot of women tend to internalize emotions, and this is no different. You may be thinking that your partner is no longer attracted to you or is bored with you.

Your first thought may be to blame yourself that you aren’t able to turn on your man, that this is your fault – but that is far from the truth! ED is a health issue that males face, and nothing you have done has caused it. More so, there’s nothing you can do can change it either.

2. Erectile Dysfunction Has Treatment Options

Men who have ED have many different treatment options, which usually include taking a pill before having sex. Although these pills are effective, they can have negative side-effects on the man who is taking them.

Some side effects of the most common medication for erectile dysfunction are dizziness, eyesight changes, upset stomach, even nausea. These are not sexy and will not help to put your partner in the mood.

This is where Fluent comes in with great erectile dysfunction treatments that won’t have those nasty side effects! Fluent has done extensive research on ED and has come to the market with a treatment that will help one of the main reasons erectile dysfunction happens.

The blood vessels that run throughout the penis are much smaller than blood vessels elsewhere on the body, meaning if your partner does not have good blood flow, this can cause his ED. This is why Fluent has created the EDX.

Fluent has recognized the problem of smaller blood vessels in the penis and has made a product that will help to enlarge them and help blood flow throughout. The EDX is a pulsed ultrasound shockwave therapy for ED, but no, it’s not as scary as it sounds!

In simple terms, what this product does is uses ultrasound energy to induce a deeply penetrating heat, then hand-in-hand with the pulse waves, it goes through the penile tissue and expands the blood vessels, creating more room for blood flow.

This product is used not only for a one-time erection but also to restore the blood vessels of the penis so that the man can have natural and spontaneous erections. So, by using this product, you can say goodbye to the pill and having to schedule every time you want to have sex, and hello to natural erections again!

3. Don’t Think You Need to Try Harder

You want to remember that erectile dysfunction is a medical disorder and is usually not related to the inability to feel aroused (unless your partner’s ED is the result of depression). This means that there is no need for you to have to try harder for your partner to get an erection.

You might think that spicing things up in the bedroom, experimenting with new things may help your partner get an erection, but all this will do is add pressure to the situation. This will probably end in you feeling more hurt that your efforts did not pay off and create even more disappointment in your partner that he cannot please you.

4. Don’t Blame Your Partner

As much as this is not your fault, remember that this is also not his fault either! Do you think that a man who is offered sex by his girlfriend or wife is going to turn that down easily? No, definitely not!

Put yourself in his shoes and try to think about how he is feeling about having erectile dysfunction. He is most likely feeling worse than you are. His self-esteem is most likely brought down by not being able to perform, as well as just knowing he is unable to get it up.

5. Do Some Research

Researching erectile dysfunction will help you find answers to your questions and find advice from other women on how they have dealt with their partners’ ED.

When doing your research, make sure to be looking into articles from reliable sources to get the correct information to your questions. You will want to look at what causes ED and how you can help your partner go through this as it’s not easy on him, either.

Doing your research will not only help you understand what erectile dysfunction is, but it may even help you and your partner identify some underlying health issues he may be having. Of course, when experiencing ED, your partner should go to the doctor right away as it is usually a heart problem causing the ED.

If you’re looking for something to read that will give you tips on how to be supportive of your partner, we have a great guide to read here.

6. Have Honest Conversations

This is your partner; whether you have been together a long time or not, you are comfortable enough to be having sex with him, so you should be comfortable enough to have an honest conversation as well.

Although this is hard to talk about because it can be awkward, you want to be able to talk openly and honestly with your partner about it. Having this kind of conversation with him will help your relationship, as it will ease your mind that this is not about you or anything that you do.

Take this conversation outside of the bedroom – it’s better for both of you to not discuss it right after it happens. Instead, wait a day or two before discussing what happened. This way, both of you have had more time to digest it and understand how you felt about it.

Having this conversation can also bring to light some health issues that your partner may not have seen in himself, which can lead to starting to live a healthier life, something you can do together.

Having regular open conversations about ED with your partner could also open the channels to talk about the stress that is going on in your lives, which could also be impacting sexual performance. Opening up to your partner about your insecurities will help him open up as well, meaning that you will be able to support one another on this journey.

7. Your Sex Life Isn’t Over

Many people who face problems with erectile dysfunction think their sex life is over, but that’s not the case. You have to change your idea of what sex is because it’s not only penetration – there is so much more you can do that will be just as pleasurable.

Lower the expectations in the bedroom so that you lower the pressure put on both of you to perform your best. You can use other techniques to bring one another to orgasms, such as foreplay and teasing. This takes the focus off penetration and puts it on both of your pleasure.

8. Remember the Romance

Relationships are not all about sex, and you should remember that. Doing small things to reinforce your physical bond to one another is essential when sex has been temporarily taken out of the equation. This could range from kissing one another more to putting your arm around him.

Plan fun date nights that will get your mind off the sexual problems and back on the romance of the relationship! Remember, there was a time in your relationship before you had sex; go back to that time and just enjoy each other’s company – get to know one another again!

Erectile Dysfunction: What Women Need to Know

The most important thing a woman needs to know about erectile dysfunction is that she is not to blame – and neither is her partner. ED affects many men and usually is the sign of a deeper physical or psychological problem.

But just because your lives have been affected by ED does not mean you are done with pleasure, as there are many more ways to bring one another pleasure and keep your physical and romantic bond without sex.

So, if your partner is dealing with ED, be sure to check out the EDX therapeutic ultrasound wave device in our store and check out our blog for more advice on dealing with ED for both you and your partner!